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Did you know that 20% of Injection Molders make 80% of industry profits?
Would you like to know how the best molders do it… consistently?

Drive real results and thrive in today’s injection molding industry with decades of proven injection molding knowledge. Paulson’s newest Molding Economics Video will take you inside a profitable molding job and outline key metrics you need to know to maximize your productivity and profits.

► How to save machine and labor hours on every job

► How unscheduled downtime can rob you blind

► Why you need to mold 3-5 good parts to pay for a single reject

► What is a single second worth on cycle time? You’ll be surprised.

Best training received in my plastic industry career.

Ronak Soni

Very informative. You will understand how material affects molding!

Cynthia Miller

Paulson Training Programs builds confidence in our employees and creates a WIN-WIN situation!

Dori Eckhardt

“Great, excellent, easy-to-use, interesting, challenging, engaging, organized, informative, helpful, solutions oriented, accurate, effective, flexible, confidence building and worthwhile.”

John W. Stebelton

“Paulson has built confidence, a sense of accomplishment & pride in our workers, something they can take to the floor and apply!”

Gene Shuret

“We operate 24 hours a day and the Paulson Interactive courses allow us to train all employees around our busy production schedule — without stopping machines!”

Gerald Galloway

Watch our free molding economics video and learn what the top 20% of injection molders already know.

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